Plato divisor Taktomat GmbH RT100-630, n= 2 - 96

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Plato divisor Taktomat GmbH RT100-630, n= 2 - 96

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[translater=es]Mode of Operation:
The rotary index table transforms a constant input drive motion into an intermittent output drive motion. The intermittent drive motion occurs by means of an inductively hardened and fine-milled barrel cam. The use of mathematical laws of motion guarantees a soft, shockproof and jerk-free movement that has been optimally designed for its intended purpose. The designed assembly allows for accurate and secure mounting to the output flange which is also free of play.
No additional adjustment of the output flange is necessary. This can lead to mechanical over tightening and thus the rotary index table being destroyed in the long term.
The power is provided either by means of a three-phase brake motor via worm drive or by means of a chain-wheel or belt wheel on the drive shaft of the rotary index table. This is firmly connected to the barrel cam, with­out any further internal gear sets, and it turns the cam followers and subsequent­­ly the output flange. The output flange is mounted within a wire bearing as­­sembly, stiff and free of play (Within steel rings – not in the casting). The shaft seals appropriate for each size seal the rotary table off inside and out.[/translater]



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