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Vx.cad.cam.v12.50 - RAPIDSHARE

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VX extends enterprise-level mechanical design and manufacturing capabilities to the desktop-at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems.

Powerful VX CAD/CAM:

* 2D - 2D Drafting, Layout, and Sectioning.
* 3D - Powerful 3D modeling tools.
* Hybrid - Seamless union of solid and surface modeling.
* PDM - Integrated PDM is easily accessible at no extra cost.
* Reverse Engineering - Large laser scans; super-fast tessellation.
* Healing - Resolves thousands of problems in minutes.
* Shape Morphing - More stylish stylish shapes; fast healing of imported models.
* Assembly - Automatic alignment and inssertion.
* Rendering - Photorealism helps to sell your designs.
* Machining - 2 1/2 through 5 axis high speed milling.

VX CAD/CAM (referred to as VX) is a mechanical engineering CAD/CAM package offering comprehensive 3D solid/surface hybrid modeling, assembly-centric parametric design and drafting along with optional mold design and an integrated CAM package that includes 2 through 5-axis milling.

VX contains a wealth of advanced features and provides a level of productivity you might expect to cost a lot more. Refer to the links below for more information.


* Strong support for assembly-centric design.
* Facilitates associatively among applications.
* Provides complete undo/redo capability.
* Efficient management of CAD/CAM data.
* Simplifies customization and enhancement.

Application Framework

* Direct third-party access to CAD functionality without compilers and linking (similar to Netscape� plug-in technology).


The foundation of a CAD/CAM system is its geometric modeling kernel. At the heart of VX is the second generation VX engine. The VX engine and database are truly high performance in every sense of the word. In independent benchmark tests of functionality, speed and robustness, VX compares favorably against every CAD/CAM product available today --- regardless of price.

Feature List
* Variable-offset shelling
* Volume and face offsets
* Variable-angle draft about parting-line or neutral edge
* Automatic parting-line and parting-surface generation
* Bounded" boolean
* D Clipboard
* Feature edit, replace, reorder, suppress, cut and paste
* N-Sided blend with continuity constraints
* Fast and efficient surface creation from point cloud
* Comprehensive surface editing
* Surface matching and merging
* Graphical, interactive curve and surface continuity analysis
* Topology checking and healing
* Spine-driven advanced surfaces
* Advanced ray-trace rendering


VX� features an easy to use sketcher for quickly defining 2D feature profiles and path curves. A principle highlight is our Quick Draw function which facilitates creation of all common sketch geometry with a single command. An intelligent, highly interactive cursor helps define and capture intent. Geometry can be automatically dimensioned and constrained as it is created. 3D Part data can be easily referenced for constructing and locating sketch geometry.

Feature List
* Sketch on faces or datum planes
* Constraint based spline creation and editing
* Offset and median curve creation
* Support for importing and constraining non-native data including overlap and gap checking/fixing
* Conversion of lines and arcs to splines, splines to lines and arcs
* C2 curve filleting
* Selective boundary tracing for complex sketches
* Fast, robust constraint solver
* Intelligent management of constraints for edits (trim, move, rotate, scale, mirror, stretch, etc.)
* Support for user-defined simultaneous equation sets
* Automatic dimensioning including partially dimensioned sketches

Assembly Modeling

Assembly modeling is central to the VX � philosophy. Support for efficient definition, manipulation and management of assemblies was a fundamental consideration in the design of the VX architecture. For example, the VX Object Manager loads only the display data for an object into memory unless the object is activated for edit. This minimizes the memory footprint for a given assembly and maximizes the assembly size that can be effectively worked with. The Object Manager also allows the user to decide how the assembly is to be distributed into files --- each component in a separate file, the entire assembly in one file, or anywhere in between.

Feature List
* Top-down assembly design
* In-place assembly part editing
* Editing via assembly tree
* Assembly BOM
* Efficient assembly data-management (i.e., on demand data retrieval)
* Assembly patterns
* Interference checking
* Alternate parts
* Exploded views (automatic & interactive)
* Alternate assembly configurations
* Constraint-based component positioning


The process of creating production drawings and details. Whether laying out 3D models or using traditional 2D CAD techniques, VX� makes it easy. Creating views of 3D models is a snap, and of course all views are fully associative and synchronized with the master model from which they are created. VX's unique object server architecture allows the user to decide whether drawings are to be saved in the same file as the 3D data or in separate files.

Feature List
* Powerful QuickDraw command
* Multiple sheet drawings
* Sharing of sheets between drawings
* One-touch trimming
* Associative hatching
* Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
* Intelligent, entity based dimensioning
* Automatic standard layouts
* Easy automatic creation of projection and auxiliary views
* Plane, stepped and revolved sections
* Automatic annotation of sections and details
* Automatic exploded views
* Assembly BOM
* Object-oriented editing


CAM modules further advance the concepts of intelligent process-oriented manufacturing software. A single philosophy unifies VX� CAM: Utilize a manufacturing knowledge base and leverage the information stored in the digital CAD model. VX CAM provides easy-to-use tools for creating, accessing and managing a database of manufacturing resources, machineable data and standard processes. The result is increased productivity and improved quality.

Feature List
* ASCII CL or G-code output
* Operation sort capability
* Integrated milling simulation (solids based)
* Operations (tool paths) independently targeted to different processes/setups
* Parametric tool path macros
* Center, drill, ream, bore, counterbore, countersink, tap
* High-speed milling support
* Axis mapcut, sidecut, isocut, profiling, pocket & cast roughing, rest cut milling, pencil tracing, scallop removal, 5 Axis plane cut --- swarfcut and interactive

FabDesign (Sheet Metal)

The process of designing sheet metal components and assemblies. Offering a comprehensive set of tools for creating standard sheet metal features, FabDesign is an extremely interactive and easy to use solution for the design and documentation of chassis, brackets, housings and other fabricated sheet metal components and assemblies containing sheet metal parts.

Feature List
* Full and partial flange creation with automatic bend radius and relief
* Simplified tab and cut creation
* Corner closing with relief
* Easy S-Bend creation
* Flexible, easy to create louvers and dimples
* Folding and unfolding of entire part or selected bends
* Easy modification of bend angle or radius
* Features can be added in folded or unfolded state
* Tagging of bends for working with non-native parts

Mold Edition

The process of designing molds for plastic products. Mold & Die is a specially bundled and configured set of tools optimized for the design and documentation of plastic injection, compression and blow molds. Built upon, and fully leveraging the VX engine and assembly-centric database, Mold & Die includes a number of specialized tools for quickly and easily performing common mold design functions while also solving the most difficult mold design problems.

Feature List
* Mold base and component library
* Independent scaling in X,Y,Z (non-isotropic)
* Graphical draft angle analysis
* Draft creation including split draft at parting curve
* Automatic and interactive core/cavity separation
* Shutoff creation
* Automatic and interactive parting line creation and editing tools
* Parting surface relief
* Slide and insert design
* EDM electrode design
* Bounding solid (stock)

Object Manager

* Unique object-oriented database designed for efficient management of distributed CAD/CAM data (i.e., assemblies).
* Faster and more compact than commercial object databases.
* Less demand on computing resources.
* Built-in object swapping frees database from swap space restrictions.
* Speeds access to CAD/CAM objects and allows quick, incremental save of database edits.
* Object architecture speeds customization, revisions and integration of new applications. Unlimited undo/redo capability increases productivity and ease-of-use.
* Built-in object versioning.



Download: 96.85 MB (APP + FIX)


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