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With ALGOR PipeCheck piping design and analysis software, you can define piping systems (model size limited to 25 pipes) and perform structural analysis in compliance with industry-standard piping codes. ALGOR PipeCheck includes the full capabilities of our PipePak core package. These design, analysis, validation and reporting capabilities can help you create better, more reliable piping systems faster.

ALGOR PipeCheck includes:

* Easy-to-use options for defining a complete piping system (pipe runs and components) using a spreadsheet to enter coordinates or various geometric import operations (CADPIPE, CAESAR II, Intergraph PDS, AutoCAD or IGES)
* Analysis capabilities include: linear static stress; natural frequency (modal); response spectrum (single and multiple); frequency response; time history; "in-line" analysis of flanges, reducers and rotating equipment; and built-in nozzle flexibility calculations
* Support for industry-standard piping codes
* Element library includes pipes, bends, valves, reducers, bellows, flanges, tees and ball joints
* Constraints and supports include: anchors, rigid supports, spring supports, constant force hangers, undesigned hangers, snubber supports, guide supports, linestop supports, rotational supports, inclined supports, one-way restraint supports, limitstop supports and support displacement
* Loading includes forces, moments, prescribed displacements, temperatures, pressures, occasional loads (wind, earthquake and pitch and roll for shipboard piping) and the effects of friction between a pipe and supports
* Results evaluation includes: viewing by diameter, schedule, wall thickness, corrosion allowance, insulation, content, material, pressure and temperature; display of deflected shapes, forces and moments, mode shapes, support reactions and stress contours including code stress, principal stress, longitudinal stress and hoop stress; animation of deflection and mode shapes; and built-in checking of all results for ASME and ANSI code compliance
* Professional design reports including images and annotations
* Documentation including Installation and Licensing Guide

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